Estate & Trust Administration

Serving Clients in Lexington and the Surrounding Area

Constant Law Group provides trust and estate administration services to both Massachusetts and out-of-state executors and trustees. When coping with the loss of a loved one, the added responsibilities and burdens of settling an estate can seem overwhelming. Our estate administration services can provide help and support during a difficult time with the following specialties:

  • Probate services
  • Trust administration
  • Ancillary probate services
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Asset retitling
  • Asset distribution
  • Other estate administration services
  • Trustee/Beneficiary Disputes

If you need help with the probate of a Massachusetts will, or if you have been named as a successor trustee under a living trust, we offer a free consultation, in person or by telephone, with a Massachusetts estate administration attorney. We can advise you regarding your postmortem trust administration duties. We can review trust instruments to make sure all assets are properly transferred and titled, ensure accurate accountings are rendered, and prepare estate and fiduciary tax returns. Our caring, professional approach allows our lawyers to assist you every step of the way and provide the ideal level of service.

We can typically help out-of-state executors and trustees fulfill their responsibilities without the need to travel to Massachusetts. We will keep you advised of probate proceedings and ensure a smooth transfer of property.

How Our Estate Administration Services Help

With years of experience in probate court, the estate administration attorneys at Constant Law Group, PC law firm know how to open an estate, inventory and assemble the assets, manage the claims of creditors, and handle all other duties of an executor or personal representative in Massachusetts. Our goal is to get the assets into the hands of the rightful heirs and beneficiaries as quickly as possible, in accordance with Massachusetts probate law.

In some cases, there may be disagreement or confusion about the proper ownership of an asset due to ambiguous terms in a will. These situations may require the expertise of an attorney to resolve disagreements and potential family discord. Our estate administration services can prevent legal complications and find practical solutions to difficult problems.