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Estate Planning

It is a common misconception that estate planning is simply about wills and trusts. Although trust and wills are some of the tools we utilize, we believe that they are the by-products or end result of estate planning.  When clients engage us for estate planning we help them maintain control of their property while they are alive and well, take care of themselves and their loved ones if they become disabled, and give what they have to whom they want, in the way that they want, while allowing them to save all the tax dollars, administration fees, and court costs legally possible.

We believe that effective estate planning should address following areas:
Incapacity/Disability Planning
1. Financial Control
2. Medical Decision Control
3. Access to Information
4. Family Maintenance
5. Dependent Protection
6. Long-term Care
7. Maintain Privacy
8. Eliminate Court Intervention

Wealth Transfer Planning
1. Streamlined Transfers
2. Reduce Admininstrative Delays
3. Reduce Cost of Transfers
5. Reduce or Eliminate Taxes
6. Avoid Family Conflict
7. Preserve Asset Values
8. Maintain Privacy
9. Eliminate Court Intervention
10. Leave a Legacy

Beneficiary Protection
1. Minor Guardianships
2. Young Adult Protection
3. Spendthrift Protection
4. Special Needs Planning
5. Creditor & Predator Protection
6. Beneficiary Divorce Protection
8. Promote Family Harmony

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